Excellence in building custom trucks to transport horses and people

We customize trucks in image of your desires

Paillard horse trucks are renowned for their beauty, their coziness and their extreme solidity

Since 1993, the main business of Carrosserie Paillard is to design and build handmade custom-built heavy lorries to transport horses and peoplesafely and with all comfort.

Paillard brings to its clients its coachwork industrial facilities along with high-end handmade fittings to make your truck specifically tailored to your desires.

The Paillard horsebox trucks, which are built to transport from 5-8 horses up to 13-14 horses with their riders, are known for their reliability, their longevity, their beauty and for their comfort.

The manufacture of your horse trucks can be made from a new or used chassis according to your specifications and budget.

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Your motorhome truck ‘à la carte’

With the extensive experience and know-how of our teams in the development of the living space of horse trucks, the continued development of our industrial capacity and the extent of the craft men into our company, we offer our customers, in recent years, the construction and development of custom atypical camper trucks, for all kind of usage.

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Paillard makes available his engineering capability and his high level know-how in manufacturing horsebox trucks and motorhome trucks for carefully studying your project and for meeting your specific requirements.






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