Transport of horses in safety and comfort with your Paillard horsebox truck

Safety and comfort of the horse are combined with the introduction of sophisticated techniques implemented by highly qualified staff, guarantees of a top product

Whatever your wishes, your horses will be perfectly accommodated.

The strength and longevity of our trucks horses are foolproof

The interior fittings are independent from the external container due to an approved and exclusive system, with padding and reinforcement of the walls.

The ramp is the first indication of our reliability and solidarity; operated by electric in series with manual emergency pump.

The partitions are designed according to individual  preferences (width adjustable in 5cm increments), double or single, fully enclosed or with head access, entirely polyester laminated, everything is made according to your requirements.

Maximum safety of horses during transport with our trucks

Reinforcement against kicking is assured by a complex shock-absorber based on rubber, wood and steel.

Double floor made waterproof with liquid rubber, with drainage plugs.

The whole becomes indestructible and the Paillard horse trucks are gaining in longevity and reputation by our customer.

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Paillard makes available his engineering capability and his high level know-how in manufacturing horsebox trucks and motorhome trucks for carefully studying your project and for meeting your specific requirements.